Fashion Meets The Pageant Industry

I was asked recently about my thoughts on how fashion/style affects the entertainment industry (if it even does), as well as the pageant industry. Industries constantly change and evolve, so I’m confused when people have a hard time understanding that the entertainment / pageant industries change as well. For example, in February when I attended NYFW, big puffy sleeves and a royal blue were seen at several shows and were later on the Miss USA / Miss Teen USA stage. My prediction is that in the future, social media influencers will replace the “celebrities” we know in any industry. I’m not saying that it’s going to happen in the next five years, but it’s a trend. One of my favorite shows to attend at NYFW is Chromat (a swimwear line that is very inclusive of all body types, even those with disabilities). Within the past five years, we’ve seen more models reach out to the general public (and the media) about what goes on behind the scenes (diet, retouched photos, criticism, ect). It takes A LOT to be completely open in the entertainment industry, especially when there’s the understanding that your career can be over with one word (BLACKLISTED). I have several favorite “Celebrities” who have been completely open about their experiences and they are: Ashley Graham (Modeling and Pageant Industry), Tyra Banks (Modeling and Entertainment Industry) and Demi Lovato (Entertainment Industry).

I am proud of the fact that I’ve had two billboards in Time Square and another going up in September! But I have to admit, I have my own insecurities about it (Keeping It Reel!). What I love about the three celebrities I mentioned above, is that they are “REAL”. That is what I love about Chromat at NYFW. We get to see so many incredible designs on people that we can relate to. I believe that the pageant industry is following the trends we see in the modeling industry. For example, we all know about the whole “No Makeup” movement, right? And the next thing you know, everyone and their second cousin twice removed is doing it (including national titleholders). It just goes on to show how the two industries are “related”.

I just don’t understand the fear. The industry is becoming more inclusive (which is a great thing, in my opinion), so why are people so concerned? I think it’s because people are afraid of change. I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter!


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