Miss USA Contestants and Critiques

Hi Everyone!

I know the contestants of Miss USA have/are arriving in Reno in the next couple days and I am shocked with some of the comments being made toward the contestants. I’m going to start by saying, I am a believer in freedom of speech, and I believe that everyone has a right to their opinion. My question is, where do we hold the line on the double standard? Young girls and women are looking at these contestants, as the modern representation of females in todays world and yet, we use double standards in judging these ladies. One contestant was criticized on Facebook for having too much work done and another for wearing too much makeup, while yet another has been criticized for not wearing enough makeup, or not trying hard enough. Where do we draw the line?

As someone in the entertainment industry, you are scrutinized FOR EVERYTHING! I believe, there is nothing wrong with having some work done and there’s nothing wrong for deciding to. Everyone has a right to do what they feel they need to do to: A) be competitive in their industry and B) to be happy in their own skin. We don’t know everyone’s story and as someone (Stephanie J. Block) once told me, “it’s none of your business what others think of you.”

Especially where social media is concerned, we are placing ourselves in a very vulnerable position to not only be told that we’re “Great. Good. You’re perfect.” But to also be told that we’re, “Not enough. Not pretty enough. Not talented enough. You’re just not enough”. That’s one person’s opinion. Whether it’s a pageant judge or a casting agent, you must learn to walk away knowing that you did the best you can. My joke to everyone is, “If you remind them of their spouse, before you open your mouth, they will love you. If you remind them of someone, they just had a fight with, you’re done before you even begin.”

When I went to my performing arts college, I was so insecure. I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship (not a romantic relationship, mind you) and it took me a LONG time to realize that I was enough. At that point and time of my life, I would get up to perform and return to my seat to silently cry. (I bet several of my past classmates and teachers are nodding their heads). I didn’t tell them what I had been through; that I had been beaten up for just putting makeup on and that my self-confidence was at an all-time low. But, the moral of the story is that I had become my worst enemy because of one person’s thoughts about me. I gave them that kind of power over me.

You are enough. In a world where everyone has an opinion, you have the power to like your OWN reflection. Not everyone is going to like you and not everyone is going to dislike you. You can’t make those who don’t, suddenly care. It’s none of your business. You can only accept that and move forward to become the best that you can be. It’s not an easy challenge and it’s something I still have to work on constantly. Everyone has opinions and that’s a great thing however, you have to be proud of YOUR journey because it’s yours and no one else’s (it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a Miss USA Contestant or not 😊).

Keeping it “Reel” until next time!

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