Hi everyone! How’s your week going? It’s hard to believe we are rolling into March. I thought we’d talk NYFW, since it’s just taken place in February…and all the world was a buzz with all things fashion and folks!

This February, I had the honor of being the Technical Director and Assistant Show Producer for NYFW 2.0., produced by Beauty It’s Everywhere and Rene Bionat. The show is a great combination of Pageant Industry meets Modeling/Fashion Industry. I’ve walked for numerous designers on the runway and have represented several on billboards in Times Square. I know what it’s like to strut your stuff on the runway and work behind the scenes. It’s a feeling and love that’s hard to explain.

Iam finding that some young ladies have a hard time crossing over from Pageantry to Modeling (especially NYFW). First things first, it’s imperative to understand that there’s a difference between NYFW (aka the Fashion/Modeling Industry and Pageantry). They are not the same. I’ve lived in both worlds. In pageantry, your competition wardrobe is well planned and thought-out. In modeling, you are selected by a designer (based on measurements you provide) and you model the outfit you are given. It is not your selection.

That pageant makeup that we love, may easily be replaced with natural make up and sleeked back hair. And, you may possibly find that all models for a certain designer will have identical hair and makeup. That is their decision (not yours) and not one you can alter or change. They have a look and feel for their line that they work hard to convey to the audience. The designer will walk with the models and close the show. They will make sure no one embellishes the look. More important…they don’t want their clothes stained. It’s respectful to follow their rules.

Remember you are being fitted according to measurements you provided. Every designer is different. There is always the possibility the design might not fit. That is not a reason to become offended or difficult to work with. You were invited to model and can be replaced. It is never appropriate to approach a designer on your own about modeling their design at a specific show. If the producer or assistant takes you to an alternative designer that is acceptable. Always talk to the staff in charge. They are the only ones entitled to make those changes.

Don’t take any moment on the runway for granted. It is amazing! You’ll get two major moments. One, when you go out individually to model your outfit; and two, when the whole collection goes out together, as the show closes. You never know who is in the audience or who will see the press photos. The honor of being the model chosen to walk with the designer at the close of the show; that walk…is one you will never forget!

I love the hustle and bustle of NYFW. Till next time….I am just keeping it…. ReelwithRebeccaLea

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