The Christian Model

Hi guys! How’s your day going? Mine has been interesting, and I just need to talk and share.  My heart demands it! Fair Warning…my topic is a little controversial, but one I feel is necessary. In a world where everyone has an opinion about everything and everyone, it’s about standing your ground. It’s about being true to who you are…knowing some will judge you, but praying others will take the time to get to know you and see for themselves. Unapologetically, I’m a Christian. I have loved the Lord and done my best to be the best me possible as a witness to and for him my whole life. After I lived in both NY and CA and graduated with my BFA in Musical Theater, I livedin NYC. One of my agents in general conversation told me I should not talk about my faith – period - not mention it on my website or the non-profit organization I started when in 4th grade(It’s called Kid’s Tender Heart – Respecting Yourself and Each Other). He told me that no one cared and that if I spoke about it, it could hurt me in the industry. Following that conversation, I didn’t intentionally bring my faith up unless I was asked or if it was relevant to the audition, the conversation, etc. What I forgotwas how intentional it should have been for me.  Faith is mycornerstone….my foundation….my base…my family…my life.

Skip forward about three years, I found myself in a very blessed position with magazine covers, billboards in Time Square, and musical appearances at the Lincoln Center, but yet in a veryuncomfortable position. I was being asked how could I, as a Christian, be a model at the same time? (Oh and no… unfortunately, I am not kidding!  Worse yet, this came from someone proclaiming himself to be a …Christian???...hmmm…)  Since when did being a model mean that you couldn’t be a Christian? Were any of my pictures indecent…uncovered?  Not at all.  Sexy? I sure hope so... I am a model and proud of the body and brains God gave me.

There are several well-known models/actors who have described themselves as religious and Christian. I have personal guidelines I follow when I’m looking for jobs. My agents (as well as my union) know where I stand on certain acting measures (what jobs I will and won’t take). I’ve turned down a major movie role with a well-known movie star (where I could have made a “name your price”), but because I didn’t agree with the “type” of role that I was being offered or the topless scene that was required, I chose to take a stand and turned the role down. I know everyone in the room thought I has lost my mind. I know because of the number of females that raised their hand when asked if they would take the role…by a director who thought his embarrassment of me might make me change my mind.  I assure you it did not.  I was thankful for the courage I had at that moment and the guts it took to do what I needed to do for me with my self-respect and faith in tack.  My action would not be the right action for everyone….but it was for me.

This is one of the reasons why I started my “Reel With Rebecca Lea” and “Rebecca Lea: Faith By A Feather” (My clothingline… one of many collections to come). I want to show people that you can be a Christian and love the Lord and still be an actor, model, doctor, lawyer, etc. Everyone is important, unique and beautiful. Each of us have gifts. Just because we may all have different faiths and beliefs doesn’t mean we can’t be kind and understanding and loving toward each other regardless of what industry you’re in. At some point, we’ve all been criticized for one reason or another (body type, faith, race, etc.) I want this blog, as well as my clothing line to bring hope, love, laughterand faith to everyone. Life is precious. Life is short. Life is amazing and a gift.

I am striving to be a positive influence on those I meet. I am a Christian (first and foremost), but I am also a daughter,significant other, dog mom, model, actor, choreographer and whatever else God has in store for me. I am Rebecca Lea (had to have a cheesy moment). Until Next time…I love sharing my thoughts and life with you.

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