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The Ultimate Lesson

Let’s keep it real. People think whether you’re in a pageant, modeling or being a performer, that it’s easy. I’ve actually had people say to me, “What’s it like to do nothing for a living?” My response, “Please, don’t judge me until you’ve been in my shoes.” Being an entertainer is extremely rewarding, but also very stressful.

We’re constantly putting ourselves in the vulnerable position of being told “NO”. The best advice I had ever gotten, was to learn not to take it personally and now that’s a message I try to pass on to any person I teach. It’s a difficult lesson to learn, but one that is necessary. You have to understand that every: judge, casting director, designer and agent have a specific vision in mind of what they are looking for and that information is none of your business. You shouldn’t be walking into the room trying to be what YOU think they want. Just do your best, lay it down on the floor and walk away.

Whether I was modeling, in a pageant or auditioning I’ve been told to: lose weight (I’m at a healthy weight for my build and height, thank you very much lol), get plastic surgery (I was literally told that in order to make it in the industry I would need to get some “work done”) , try a different occupation and/or give up. I’ve been told “Thank you very much.” more times than I can count and that’s IF I got in the door. Once, I waited eight hours only not to be seen and watched the monitor throw my headshot in the trash. The bottom line is that it’s someone OPPINION. You can’t fill every role you want or audition for and that’s reality. You don’t know what specifics they are looking for so, don’t take it personal. It’s a business. The more auditions/casting calls that you go to, the more likely you will finally hear a yes. It’s a numbers game.

Now with that being said, get it done. Practice, do your research, take care of yourself and bring you A game to the table. If you have to ask anyone “How did I do?”, then you already know the answer to that. Your enough for whatever God has planned for you.

Keep it “REEL” until next time!