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Welcome to Rebecca Lea

Hi there! Thank you for checking out my first post of Reel With Rebecca Lea. You probably have noticed the spelling of my blog’s title. No, it’s not a typo. I spelled it that way for a reason. For those of you who do not know what a reel is, it is a video that captures your previous work in the entertainment industry. The definition of acting is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances. So whether you go with “reel” or “real”, both have a sense of being truthful and genuine which are things that I strive to be.

I want to share with you what goes on behind the scenes, as well as on stage. I’ll talk about the dress rehearsals/fittings/training/NYFW, we will go over everything and anything from the pageant industry to the entertainment industry.

Every Saturday, on my Instagram I will have a ReelWithRebeccaLea post where I want you to post subjects you would like to have discussed (Within Reason Y ‘all)

Till next time, Dream Big